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It is intelligent to look at new ways to deal with frustration, hurt and irritation, and to address the self talk that fuels the state of anger. The subconscious mind of the angry person has accepted an angry persona. The ability to take a step back, gain perspective and choose new thoughts, feelings and behaviors in response to triggers needs to become the norm, rather then the exception.

Knowing I can have a drink later is the only thing that helps me calm down at work.

I’d probably hit someone if I didn’t use, it mellows me out.

Anger is a learned response and subconsciously driven path of least resistance.

Anger makes thoughts illogical and clouds thinking processes, stealing clarity and focus. 

Habitual anger damages our physical, emotional and mental well being creates havoc in our relationships.  

Anger is an emotion that we are often taught to deny. When we are little and angry, we are sent to our rooms and told to stay there until we are ready to apologize for the emotion and put a smile on our face.

It might have been better to learn how to manage anger rather than be punished for it. Sometimes the feeling of anger is useful information. It tells us that something needs to change. However, when substances are used as an anger management tool few positive results occur.

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