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People who are experiencing an addiction or problem use, have an array of hot buttons. They often feel at the mercy of external circumstances and past references. Triggers may occur outside of conscious level awareness. However, more often then not people are consciously aware of triggers but lack the skills in managing them.

Seeing my mother, just thinking about her, pushes my buttons every time.

Negative feedback from head office means a trip to the liquor store on the way home.

Avoidance of certain people or situations can be seen as a loving route to self care, especially when these people or situations are genuinely unhealthy. However, the subconscious mind will also do a bang up job of distorting reality in its goal to conserve energy. Sometimes avoidance is simply the literal mind giving permission to stay stuck. 

Avoidance behaviors that spill over from select individuals and situations to the general population result in isolation. Isolation allows the subconscious mind to quit learning and striving for more and decrease the chances of moving back into potential. Interrupting triggers and replacing them with conscious, deliberate healthy options means deciding to do the work involved in becoming the CEO of one's life. 

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