-critical thinking state, logical working state
-high levels of beta is experienced as a hyper anxiety state
14 to 32 Hz

-daydreamy relaxed state of mind
-great learning state, focused concentration
-first step into meditative state
7 to 14 Hz

-experienced in dreaming state
-accessed when we have deep creativity
-moments of quick realization or intuitive knowing
-mind and body healing
3.5 to 7 Hz

-deep trance sleep state
-loss of body awareness
-access to collective conscious or universal mind
0.1 to 3.5 Hz

Hypnosis is simply a tool used to access normal brain wave states, on purpose, so that positive suggestions can be received.

Most people can access Theta and Delta, on purpose, with a little bit of practice. The programs support people to condition the ability to move into hypnosis on cue.

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