Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-36
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Please review email 35.

In this email, I will expand on the importance of curiosity by offering you an exercise.

Throughout this email sequence I have suggested that many of our ways of being are automatic programmed responses.  It is precisely this automated way of being that makes it so hard for people to consciously begin to create something different (freely chosen cow paths).

It is by becoming curious that we begin to open the door to learning. Without curiosity, we remain in a subconscious slumber.

In recent emails, I have suggested that we need to look for evidence of “what is working” (email 34) and question “what ideas and standards does someone, who is just slightly ahead of you, have in terms of being the CEO of their lives? (email 35).

The following exercise may take you 5 minutes or longer, but it is well worth your time. I encourage you to make use of a pen and paper.

  1. Think of someone you know, or know of, who you believe is slightly ahead of you in terms of being the CEO of their lives.
  2. Remember that a CEO mindset means that we do not play victim to circumstances or conditions (past or present). Review this page if need be.
  3. Target 1 specific way of being that this someone has mastered.
  4. Become curious about what the first step would be for you to begin to emulate this way of being.

Note-with this exercise, I am encouraging you to move into the role of “social scientist.”  If this term is new to you it simply means that you have not yet completed the preliminary workbook. I again suggest that you send me an email requesting a link and I will be happy to send it to you.

Please remember to review past emails.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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