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Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW.

In the last email (review email 36) I offered a small exercise. If you have not yet made the time to sit down with paper and pen to complete that exercise I suggest that you go back and invest the energy.

The exercise:

-puts you in a powerful position to determine a healthy source of external influence

-allows you to choose an external influence consciously, deliberately, and freely

-allows you to tap into and play with internal influence

-creates an internal environment that is congruent with a freely chosen and current goal

Remember that many of our ways of being (cow paths) are the result of the interplay between social programming and our innate potential. Much of how we have come to view ourselves and the world is a result of what we have been exposed to. Exposure at time of vulnerability (childhood and adult stress/trauma) has resulted in patterns that may not be in our best interest and do not serve our current and future goals.

Therefore, when we decide to become the CEO of our lives we must begin to search for information that is in alignment with where we want to be.

Remember, in email 8 I offered several bullet points around the question of:

How did I get here? (this place in life)

  • unhealthy influences (inaccurate information and negative conditioning)
  • tentativeness about innate abilities/preferences/desires
  • sensitivity/vulnerability to external messaging (beliefs, expectations of others)
  • lack of clarity about appropriate long-range personal and/or professional goals
  • inconsistent efforts that do not respect the learning needs of the subconscious mind

Past emails have been addressing the bullet points above.

The exercises offered allow you to begin to explore the question of: How do I get there (that place in life I would prefer to be).

As always, I encourage you to review the series.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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