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Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-45
subconscious mind review

In the last two emails 43 and 44, we have begun to a look at an example of a decision to make a change. Nancy’s decision to cease coffee may seem relatively small. However, it allows us to shed some light on what is involved in terms of nudging the subconscious mind to accept a new way of being.

Without more information, it is difficult to determine how deeply cemented this way of being (cow path) is, or how challenging it will be for her to adjust.

In the last email, I offered some ideas for your reflection as you analyzed her chances of success. In this email, I will continue to offer further points for your consideration:

  1. Is the external source of influence someone Nancy has determined to be reliable and trustworthy?
  2. has following her doctors’ advice proven to be effective for her in the past?
  3. what meaning does Nancy associate with her morning coffee routine?
  4. is the decision to cease coffee altogether a relatively small one for her that will require expending very little additional emotional and mental energy?
  5. how important is it to Nancy to be rid of the jittery feeling and having her bowels irritated?

The questions listed above, and the questions offered in the last email would support Nancy in addressing the problem of her coffee consumption, and allow her to make a deliberate, conscious plan to resolve the symptoms she is experiencing.

Being successful with one seemingly simple change will result in strengthening her confidence in being able to influence her subconscious mind.  A well thought out and executed plan will give her leverage for other decisions.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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