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"Clean and sober. These tools should be taught in school."

Teresa. C St. Albert

Teresa is a 49 year old married mother of one. Teresa had been struggling with anxiety and drinking addiction since her teens and has had both short and longer periods of what she termed “grace” aka sobriety. She had been in and out of treatment over the years with varying degrees of success. Teresa’s frustrated husband had left her several times, for short periods over the years. He had recently returned with the condition that she continue to explore treatment options.

Teresa was intent on rebuilding trust with her husband and this was her primary motivation when she first contacted me. Over the course of our work together she shifted from this level of motivation to rebuilding her trust of self. This turned out to be a relatively easy shift for Teresa. Like many people, she was much closer to the goal then she consciously understood. Once this shift occurred pieces of the puzzle fell into place rather swiftly.

SRestructuring occurred quickly and Teresa moved into a healthier more empowered self image. A surprising side benefit for her was an energetic shift that also created a very natural and effortless change in her self care routines. She began to sleep more soundly and felt compelled to make healthier food choices. Although weight loss was not the goal Teresa’s body began to respond to the mind shifts. Her relationship with and to her body was responding to a renewed level of self trust.

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