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"It has been a long battle for me, but the customized program has helped me get back to a better life." Jean F. Sherwood Park Jean 34 is living common law and has three children who are no longer in her care. Jean has lost all parental rights due to her addictions. She hopes to connect with her children again when they are of age.

She intends to do this from a place of long-term sobriety. Everything Jean currently does is closely tied to this goal. She does not know how or when a reunion will occur, but she has faith that one day she will be able to form a healthy relationship with them.

Jean has been in and out of treatment since she was a teenager and has both short and long-term periods of stability and sobriety. She is very self aware and continues to attend AA groups when she feels the need.

She had managed to complete her GED and works part time. She is in a relatively stable relationship with a former addict who works out of town. He does not have kids but supports her intentions with her birth children.

Jean contacted me to help her address the guilt and shame she had around her children. In spite of past therapy, she felt that she still had work to do. For weeks or months she coped well and then was triggered into engulfing guilt by external stimulus. When this happened, she lost sight of her hard-earned coping skills.

Jean was able to create an energetic shift around her stuck emotion of guilt through a very gentle and nurturing process that allowed her to reconnect with the parts of herself that had made decisions from a deeply vulnerable place.

While this did not eradicate the damage, it did give it a new dimension. It simply sat differently within Jean. This supported the forward momentum of Jean's ultimate long-term goal. Jean was offered several strategies and made good use of on-going support to help cement this emotional shift.

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