In the last email (review email 16) I suggested that you take some time to consider how you see yourself. While we certainly have free will, none of us escape the power of external messaging aka social programming.

How we come to see ourselves, and how we take that “self” out into the world is very much a result of what our subconscious mind has absorbed over time. Our ways of being become a path of least resistance (cow path) that often do not serve us. Our original potential often lies dormant, or at the very least, is a weak expression, of all that we can be.

Our primitive mind, in its need to stay safe, has allowed us to accept messaging that are not always congruent with what is in our best interest. Now that we are adults, we have more freedom to begin to choose messaging that will offer a positive influence on the mind.

The questions I posed are an encouragement for us to dig a little deeper, be creative and begin to become curious about what else is possible for us:

  1. A little down the road, how would you like to be able to describe yourself…to yourself?
  2. A little down the road, how would you like someone you love and respect to describe you?

We do not need to accept an identity that has been assigned to us.

Instead, we can begin to deliberately and powerfully choose how we will begin to view ourselves now, and in the future.

This one seemingly small exercise can take some time to process. It is something that you may go back to many times, and revise as new insights or “aha’s” bubble to the surface.

The questions we ask ourselves to provide a road map for the subconscious mind. These questions allow us to move influence inward.

Again, I encourage you to review the information offered and take some time with it.

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