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Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW


Becoming the confident CEO of our lives (in charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors) requires that we understand the power of self-perception and how it relates to our current level of functioning.     

We will never outperform our self-image.

How we “see” ourselves will always impact our results. Our self-concept is deeply rooted, but it is important to realize that it has been developed, learned, conditioned, programmed and habituated over time, and not necessarily in alignment with our original potential.

A lack of success is always rooted in mindset and beliefs that interfere with right action.

Failure to consider the dynamic workings of the mind will ultimately result in relapse when positive surface gains are made. Relapse in good intentions, relapse in motivation and relapse in the deliberate actions required to create and maintain positive change will occur until the mind is re-educated.

Keep in mind that the self-image  is intimately tied to both successes and challenges.We need to systematically regain a belief in ourselves and make a decision about who we are going to be. Regardless of confidence issues, within you is a desire to be more, have more and do more.

Consider the following questions:

1. What three words would you use to describe how you see yourself?

2. What three words would significant others use to describe you?

3. What three words describe how you would like to realistically see yourself in three months?

4. What three words describe how you would like significant others to realistically see you in three months?

Terri Lee Cooper MSc RSW

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