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“I want to become the CEO of my life.”

Clients who lack confidence do not initially say “I want to become the CEO of my life.” Initially what I hear most often is concerns about not being able to manage or control their thoughts, feelings and actions.

However, we can become the confident CEO of our lives when we develop a stronger belief in our ability to take charge of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This is a learning process that does not happen overnight. But, the simple decision to become the CEO of our lives is a good place to start.

Below are statements that reflect the mindsets of people who have made this decision:  

1) “I desire to be in charge of myself rather than being at the mercy of past programming or current circumstances.”   

2) “I am willing to consciously choose new goals and beliefs rather than passively allowing others to foist their expectations upon me.”   

3) “I am willing to learn the tools and strategies required to move out of automated ways of being and create new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”   

4) “I refuse to accept that the identity I have absorbed (lacking confidence) is in alignment with my true original potential.”   

5) “I commit to doing whatever it takes to create the future I desire and deserve.”   

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