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Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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What does it mean to be self-confident? Having confidence isn’t about presenting a brave front to the outside world while we wither away inside. It isn’t about being the most talkative or loudest person in the room. Sometimes these individuals have little to say, repeat themselves and lack an ability to read social cues.

Confidence is not about sailing through life, throwing good intentions out to the universe and hoping that the world will magically give us what we want. 

When we have a healthy sense of self-confidence, we see the world as it is. We acknowledge our difficulties and our strengths. We feel a passionate urge to move into an expression of our full selves and we are willing to risk the bumps and bruises it takes to create a better life. When we foster a strong belief in the self, we become immune to naysayers, negativity and those forces that sway us from our true goals. 


Completion of the CHALLENGE is required prior to registration in workshops.

1. Understand programming as it relates to building confidence via the proprietary Cow Path Model of Change

2. Learn the skills and strategies required to influence the lazy primitive robotic mind to accept and express confident ways of being. 


The intention is not to leave the workshop with a false hyped-up sense of “I can do anything now!”  but, rather, a growing belief in one’s self and a commitment to make use of the material presented.

A range of activities have been developed over the years that respect different learning styles and needs. Over the course of the workshop you can expect lecture format, a question/answer period and private reflection work.  


Our entire lives are a reflection of our self-image.

We will never out-perform our self-image until the lazy primitive robotic mind is re-educated. 

Our self-image can be refined when we meet the learning needs of the lazy primitive robotic mind.

If you identify as someone who lacks confidence or would like to increase your level of confidence realize that:

  • You were not born with a self-image
  • Your self-image was constructed for you 
  • Your self-image is likely not congruent with your potential

While innate tendencies play an important role, much of our self-image is learned. The self-image you are carrying is not necessarily congruent with the original potential you began this life with. Our natural abilities, talents and purpose often retreat via early programming and/or circumstances. 


At the completion of workshops participants continue skill building via the following:

  • 24/7 access to all content and activities via a private, password protected online toolbox.

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