CONFIDENCE BUILDING WORKSHOPS EDMONTON-"I have difficulty with decision making."

“I have difficulty with decision making.”

Many clients who address confidence concerns believe that their decision-making skills could use a tune-up. If we have little belief in ourselves then it makes sense that decision making will be difficult. You may want to read/listen to one second decision making and how toonies can help us develop critical thinking in the audioblog.

Now back to decision making...making good decisions can be a self-esteem boost. However, the ability to bounce back and learn from “bad” decisions often does even more toward building our confidence level. The willingness to be curious and experiment is crucial to strengthening the belief we have in ourselves.  

Often, we put off decisions because we are fearful of the outcome or believe a new decision will require too much work to implement. We become more concerned about what we might lose rather then what we might gain. It is important to remember that the primitive mind prefers what is familiar, even if it is painful. Because it aims to maintain the status quo, decision making often becomes stalled and a habit of hesitancy is born, keeping us stuck.   

We can spend oodles of time gathering and analyzing information. In the process of coming to a decision, we often lose our momentum. The primitive mind quickly closes the door and the habit of hesitancy grows into complacency. We “forget” why the decision and subsequent action was important.  

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Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW


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