The Cow Path Model of Change™ is a solution focused, structured 6 part model developed by Hypnosis for Life. It addresses root causes of anxiety, anger, depression, stress, confidence and addiction issues and offers a simplified empowered road map for lasting change by honoring the learning needs of the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy and hypnosis-cognitive behavioral clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (nlp), solution focused counselling, psychometric assessments, executive coaching & consulting are incorporated into the model.

When we begin to choose programming rather then succumb to past circumstances and/or current situations we become the CEO of our lives. Creating satisfying lives requires us to close the GAP between where we are now and where we want to be.This means deliberately and consciously choosing to pave a new path of least resistance (cow path).


  • Automated, conditioned ways of being include thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We refer to these ways of being as cow paths. 
  • The cow path represents a habitual path of least resistance that has been learned, absorbed and accepted by the subconscious mind. 
  • There is a neurological reality to any way of being that has become automated, ways of being have cellular memory.
  • Ways of being have countless associated mind files that are well anchored and easily triggered.

Creating new ways of being that last and are easily maintained requires:

  • an intelligent understanding of the subconscious mind 
  • awareness of the impact of social programming (past & present)
  • a desire to reconnect with original potential
  • the skillful will to manipulate or influence the subconscious mind (subconscious restructuring)


  • Attempting to change deeply rutted cow paths without the meeting the learning needs of the subconscious mind is futile. This is precisely why we see positive gains fall to the wayside over and over again. Relapse in any area is simply an indication that the subconscious mind has not fully absorbed or accepted a new way of being.


  • Your entire life and any current challenges are a reflection of the self-image your subconscious mind has absorbed.
  • If life is not satisfying, your self-image may not be congruent with the potential you began this life with. 
  • Social programming and our lack of respect for the subconscious mind are at the heart of our difficulties.
  • Creating new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors congruent with the self-image of being the CEO of one’s life vs. a victim of circumstances requires a commitment to a process. 

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