-driving past the drive thru-

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Level 9

Session 1-Driving myself past the drive-thru

Session philosophy

This weight loss hypnosis mp3 session (32:45) addresses ignoring the drive-thru. How would you feel being able to just drive right on past the drive-thru without thinking twice? Some people are able to do this very naturally. They do not even notice the signs and have absolutely no internal reaction to the advertising. These people drive to and from work and other activities without giving fast food any consideration at all.

These people have no idea of the sheer number of fast food drive-thru signs that they pass. It may be registered on an other then conscious level but there is no dis-empowering association built in.

That is to say there is no reaction to the visual of drive-thrus. Taste and smell are not triggered and no memories come to the fore. This means energy is not required to challenge a temptation.

A drive-thru is only a temptation because associations have been developed and strengthened over time. These associations can be weakened and new healthier associations can be created so that driving right on by becomes second nature.

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