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Eventually the abuse of drugs/alcohol will lead to health problems for most people. Addiction, problem use, limited stress management and negligent self care usually go hand in hand. Poor sleeping habits, inadequate nutrition and hydration, irregular check ups and constant shifts between hyper-aroused and hypo-aroused states create chemicals that damage the organs of the body. 

Alcohol has been linked to a variety of diseases over the years including anemia, cancer and stroke to name just a few. Besides the internal ravage, chronic alcohol abuser and problem drinkers often look older then their years.

I have gained weight, become bloated and feel like a sack of shit.

My health problems keep getting worse but I'm sick of my doctor telling me to quit drinking.

In addition to physical considerations, including immunity reduction and substance specific disorders, substance abuse plays a role in mental health issues. Many people use substances to manage anxiety and depression, however, the relief is short term for most and in fact, exacerbates existing mental health concerns.

While medical intervention can be required to address the health issues of the long-term addict, consideration should also be given to the creation of a healthier self-image. Without a shift in identity medical intervention will not address underlying causes or create new paths of least resistance is terms of response to triggers, and relapse is likely.

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