"This is who I used to be. Connecting with that old me was incredibly powerful. I wish you knew how deeply you impacted me. I have no words for the gratitude I feel." 

Sharon, L. Fort Sask

Sharon is a 39 year old, married mother of two teens. She works full time in a highly competitive environment. She has over the years made use of a variety of community services to support her with addiction issues. She had managed several long periods of sobriety, has maintained her job and some level of normalcy. She attributes this to a deep desire to provide some level of stability for her children.

Sharon grew up with an addicted parent and remembers how she felt as a child. She remembers both of her parents drinking to excess and often being emotionally unavailable to both her and her siblings. Her father's employment required many transfers and the family moved many times during Sharon's developmental years. She rarely invited friends into the home and remembers feeling inferior to other children.

Sharon had worked hard to protect her children from her drinking addiction. Her methods of protecting the children was to hide alcohol and to ensure caregivers were present when she went on a binge. She has admittedly fooled herself into thinking that her children have not been impacted and recognizes that her drinking issues have led to a lack of emotional availability for her children, and at times, financial instability.

When Sharon requested support she had come to terms with the fact that she was responding to life as an addict. Her alcohol consumption and missed days at work were increasing with an ongoing relationship issue. Her inability to cope was slipping and she was not finding the support she needed with traditional resources. This realization opened the door for her to see the impact her problems created for her children.

Sharon was a good candidate for this work and her goal was to regain sobriety while she explored and healed her role as Mother. She was committed to following through on all assignments and came to a place where she was able to fully lay down the burden of guilt and shame and embrace the very specific concrete parts that allowed her to strengthen her bond with her children. Sharon emerged from this work feeling stronger then ever because she was able to reconnect with a part of herself that never was an addict. This was important to her and quickly became her motivating why in our work. Today she has an abundance of coping skills that make it easier for her to deal with inevitable daily challenges that come with being a parent and an employee.

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