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“The program was intensive and comprehensive. Quitting drinking forever has not been a goal I’ve been able to accomplish, despite years of addiction treatment services and AA. However, with support I can now say I am an alcoholic but functioning in healthier ways.” Jim. S Calgary

Jim is 46-year-old separated consultant who often found himself between contracts. Like many others he had dipped his toe into a range of more traditional addiction treatment options.  He became overwhelmed and binged before and after work contracts. While he was in the middle of a contract he rarely drank.

Jim was concerned about the lead time he lost in generating new contracts once he began drinking. To a lesser degree, he expressed mild concern about the impact his drinking had his estranged wife.

Jim was ambivalent about labelling himself as an “alcoholic” and the idea of abstaining from alcohol for the rest of his life was “totally unacceptable.”

Jim requested support and participated fully in an intensive assessment process. A private programmed was designed for him, and despite regularly losing and gaining momentum he made significant progress.

For Jim, being the CEO of his life meant finding a balance, addressing triggers in new ways, and continuing to drink without losing lead time after a project. Jim has begun divorce proceedings and is dating.


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