“The support I got for my goals, not my wife's, or my doctors goals was exactly right for me. I drink but I feel saner then I have for years.” Kent A. Lethbridge

Kent is a 37-year-old tradesman who operates his own small shop. He described his drinking as bordering on alcoholism and his wife described it as “being out of control.” Both agreed that his drinking was causing problems within the marriage, and with the growth of his business. He fought regularly with his wife and had missed several important meetings at his shop due to hangovers.

Kent had attended for addiction treatments in the past, did not find them “relevant” and his experience at AA was “not helpful.” He did not identify with other AA members and felt that his level of functioning far exceeded the group members.

Despite his past efforts, and the ongoing concerns voiced by his wife and his doctor, Kent was unable to see himself as someone who would “never touch a drink again.” Almost every social event he attended since his adolescent years involved alcohol, and his social life as an adult included a weekly “pool and beer night with the guys.”

Kent had many strengths and a clear vision of what he wanted his future to look like. His future included finding a way to continue drinking in a more controlled manner, a peaceful home life, and the ability to focus on his business. He began a customized private program after an intensive assessment, with the understanding that his goals alone would fuel the work involved.

Kent was committed to his custom addiction treatment program and reached his goals by following through.  For him, being the CEO of his life, did not include abstaining. He still enjoys his pool nights, and drinks at home on at least two other evenings a week. He has made significant changes at work that have allowed him to structure projects differently, and the arguments with his wife now centre on where to vacation rather then on his drinking. 

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