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Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW.

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"Words like impatient, irritable, short fused, antagonistic, easily ruffled, powerless, passive-aggressive, bad tempered, sulky, full of rage, immature or abusive may come to mind when one describes a person who is chronically angry. However, the subconscious mind can be influenced into accepting a more calm, cool and collected self-image if it’s learning needs are met. When we perceive people as being in charge of their emotions, we might describe them as having a strong belief in themselves, being composed, secure and self-assured."-Excerpt from the Understanding Anger Mini-Workbook

Programming provided by:

  • Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy (DCH)
  • Master-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP_M)
  • Social Psychology (MSc.)
  • Registered Social Worker (BSW, RSW)

Programs are built on the premise that:

  • You were not born to live your life in an angry state.
  • Anger issues are learned ways of being that become subconscious paths of least resistance.
  • Cementing new ways of being requires meeting the learning needs of the subconscious mind.
  • We are not the CEO of our lives until new beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors are consciously chosen and cemented.

Anger and frustration can motivate us to make new decisions and take new actions.

Get started:

Creating something better for ourselves begins with understanding where we are presently. Good solutions come from clarity. 

  • Complete your self-assessment and make note of questions that come up for you. You will receive a copy of your self-assessment and any questions you posed will be addressed.
  • You will also be receiving the Understanding & Managing Anger Mini-Workbook (16 pages) which is a prelude to the comprehensive workbook that accompanies the six (6) part Cow Path Model of Change™ & Managing Anger Hypnosis Program.

In the interim you are welcome to contact the office at (780) 418-1973 with any questions you have about programming.

Anger is a normal and natural emotion. We all experience it to some degree. It is natural to feel upset when our rights have been impeded or things do not go our way. What is important is how we choose to express anger.

Being angry and having anger issues are two very different things. Uncontrolled anger (adult temper tantrums) can be passive or highly explosive. Either way it can result in serious loss (relationships, employment, health issues and/or criminal charges.

It can be hard to admit that you have issues with anger. However, awareness is critical if changes are to occur. When we experience automatic anger, we give our power away. When we allow external circumstances and past challenges to determine our frame of mind we cease to be in control of our lives.

How we deal with anger is a learned response. The subconscious mind has over time accepted ways of being that interfere with managing conflict (internal and external) in constructive manner. Angry people seem to have a lot of “hot buttons” and are easily triggered. Learning to take charge of our responses is possible.

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