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“I want to know why I lack confidence.”

Clients who lack confidence are often very concerned with “why” they lack it. Here is the short answer and this will be familiar to you if you have completed the complimentary workbook.

1.  How did I get here? (the identity of one who lacks confidence)   

  • unhealthy influences (inaccurate information and negative conditioning)   
  •  tentativeness about innate abilities/preferences/desires   
  • sensitivity/vulnerability to external messaging (beliefs, expectations of others, meaning we learn to assign to circumstances)   
  • lack of clarity about appropriate short and long-range goals   
  •  inconsistent efforts that do not respect the learning needs of the primitive mind   
  • settling/complacency born out of frustration and a perceived lack of progress   


2.  How do I get there? (CEO of my life, belief in self/self-confidence)   

  • positive influences (accurate information and positive conditioning)   
  • knowledge of innate abilities and boldness in acquiring new tools   
  • sensitivity to the internal environment (awareness of unique needs, desires, abilities & deliberate meaning we assign to circumstances)   
  • clarity about appropriate short and long-range goals   
  • consistent efforts that do respect the learning needs of the primitive mind 
  • willingness to be curious and experiment (becoming a solution-focused amateur social scientist)  

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Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW


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