People who request the development of a customized sobriety/recovery toolbox have many concerns in common. Some are listed below.

  • "I use substances to address depression."

  • "I believe using has negatively impacted my career."

  • "I feel my health is being negatively impacted by impacted by my use."

  • "I know/suspect one of my parents had addictions issues."

  • "I want to continue to use, but differently."

  • "I have made use of inpatient/outpatient/self-help/therapy."

  • "I am not meeting the high standards I set for others."

  • "I am experiencing insomnia."

  • "I have been confronted by my family, friends or doctor."

  • "I am triggered by & avoid certain people or situations."

  • "I believe I am successful in other areas of my life."

  • "I have been confronted by associates at work."

  • "I would like to control my using."

  • "I view my use of substances as a weakness."

  • "I use substances to address anxiety."

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