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In the last email (email 18), I spoke about thoughts becoming habits that trigger programmed responses. I offered an exercise aimed at supporting you to become curious about your thinking. In this email, I will continue to discuss how our thoughts interfere with becoming the CEO of our lives.

We can refer to repetitive, negative thoughts as stinking thinking.

Some folks automatically equate stinking thinking habits with 12 step programs; however, even people without addiction issues can become incredibly talented at stinking thinking When we allow past experiences to program automatic stinking thinking we run the risk of:

  • allowing old thought habits to limit our ability to move forward.
  • living in a fantasy state rather then in the here and now.
  • allowing negative thinking to pile up.
  • reinforcing the feelings that keep us stuck.
  • limiting our capacity to make new more empowered decisions.
  • continuing the same actions that reinforce cellular memory.

Adjusting our thinking is of one the most difficult tasks we will ever take on. The exercise in yesterdays email is one that you may wish to go back to, many times.

-taking a few days to really pay attention to your inner dialogue.
-asking yourself what you were just thinking before an emotional state was triggered.  
-asking yourself if the state you created is in your best interest. Does it serve you? Does it uphold the self-image you wish to step into?

Becoming the CEO of our lives means that we oversee our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It means recognizing that much of how we operate is the result of conditioning and programming. When we allow past circumstances and current situations to influence our present and our future we give ourselves permission to:

play the role of victim and not take the productive action that is congruent with building a freely chosen self perception. 

If the state our thinking creates is not in our best interest, and does not serve us, and does not uphold the self-image we wish to step into then it most likely is “stinking thinking.”

I encourage you to review the last email and continue to question whether automatic thoughts are getting in the way of closing the GAP.

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