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Join me for the weekly TLC love letter and receive pdf, audio and occasional video files containing ideas, tools, strategies and stories around the theme of becoming the confident CEO of your personal and professional life. You will find the weekly letter to be both educational and encouraging.
Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW.

Please set aside a little extra time for this email in order to complete the exercise.

We have covered a range of concepts in this educational newsletter including several small exercises designed to help you understand pieces of the Cow Path Model of Change™. We have discussed the impact of social programming and touched on how innate preferences and potential are impacted by external influences. Most recently, we have begun to incorporate bits of the model into the case study examples of Nancy and James.

As we have proceeded, I have asked you to think critically about the suggestions I offer, and become both playful, and curious about your exposure to concepts. By doing this we begin to move from an automatic robotic state to more deliberate ways of being. Remember, influencing the subconscious mind starts with conscious awareness.  

In this email, we will continue to play with the example of James (please review email 48) and I will offer you a small exercise. Remember that James does not need to become a speaker to become the CEO of his life, but his line of reasoning may be keeping him stuck. By asking himself a new set of questions he will:

-position himself for more clarity.
-save time and energy.
-potentially begin to move away from the pattern of viewing himself  as “shy and anxious.”

With James, we are seeing the dynamic interplay of social programming and innate preferences. On one hand, he may have come to believe that he is not fulfilling a role he “should” be taking on, while on the other hand he may not feel that the role is suited to his innate personality preferences. This has created internal chaos which has led to a feeling of stagnation and no real decision making. The situation continues to trigger and cement the pattern of viewing himself unfavourably.

I encourage you to review the questions offered in the last email and be curious about the emotional and physical response that each of the questions might trigger for James:

-are there any questions that might nudge the door open to the sense of possibility?
-are there any questions that might automatically slam the door shut to the sense of possibility?
Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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