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I have often referred to the dynamic interplay between what has been learned, and what is a natural preference.

Our innate natural preferences are often at war with our programmed ways of being. External expectations are not always in alignment with our potential or innate preferences. When the subconscious mind absorbs external expectations, they become internal expectations of the self.

However, some internalized expectations of the self are not in alignment with potential, or innate preferences, and often results in frustrated acting out, or acting in behavior.


  • The introverted individual who requires time alone to re-energize, and does not do so, finds himself fatigued, irritated, and overwhelmed but judges the need for quiet time to be a sign of weakness.
  • The extroverted individual who craves social interaction, but does not engage in it, finds herself frustrated, unsupported, and confused but judges the need for energizing interaction to be a sign of weakness.

In both cases social programming may have led these individuals to question their innate tendencies. In both cases the judgement of self begins to create a vicious cycle that may lead to anxiety, depression, and in some cases, misuse of substances.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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