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Insomnia is a common concern for those struggling with an addiction or problem use. Substances may initially slow the arousal system but eventually interfere with a good nights sleep. 

Drinking helps me relax after a hard day and winds me down.

Using is the only thing I've found to relax me.

Chronic use of substances do not allow us to wake up feeling revitalized and ready for the day. Substances may provide an immediate relaxation response but soon create havoc when it is time to shut down our systems. Individuals who tend to be analyzers, "Type A"  or “thinkers in over-drive”  often inadvertently train the subconscious mind to rely on sleep aids.

The mind/body connection is no longer in question. It is an accepted fact and we need to respect the interplay between our parts. The bottom line is that we are healthier, more effective, creative and productive in our many roles when we are well rested. 

Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, “jerky” sleep and nightmares can be attributed to stressful events of the day, unresolved issues and overuse of substances. Learning to activate the relaxation response within the body and mind is often a side benefit of this work, in fact sleeping better is usually one of the first positive outcomes of a hypnosis program. 

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