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Standard and customized treatment toolboxes are available. You may wish to begin a starter program or have a custom toolbox created for you.

Stress management toolboxes are built on the foundation of the Cow Path Model of Change™ and offer a range of interventions.

The toolbox may include the following: psychometric testing/assessments, treatment planning-executive coaching interventions, & social work counselling summaries, hypnosis/guided imagery recordings, neuro-linguistic programming activities and accountability measures.

When we are stressed, we are more apt to rely on willpower so it is important to have healthy coping habits in place. Once a positive habit has become cemented in the primitive mind managing stress becomes easier and we no longer need to rely on willpower. The bottom line is that we are all happier when we feel able to exercise our will and feel certain about having a functional level of self-control. These positive ways of being can become natural, easy “cow paths” over time when we honor the learning needs of the primitive mind.   


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Stress is a part of life, but when it becomes overwhelming, we are prone to serious physical and mental health problems. We become stressed when we feel a sense of hopelessness about being able to manage challenges. Believing that we lack the resources to cope with day to day problems or major life transitions can result in feelings or anxiety and depression. Chronic stress may move us to the place of complacency or at the very least downsizing our goals.

Stress can manifest in insomnia, irritability, weight gain, depletion of confidence, difficulty in setting boundaries and even substance abuse. Extreme stress can become a way of being. We become accustomed to it and lose sight of the fact that our lives are not meant to be lived this way. We move away from our original potential and deny parts of ourselves when we are constantly living in survival mode. Living with chronic stress can almost become a badge of resiliency, however, the long-term cost to our spirit is high.

Acquiring new tools and strategies are important in managing stress. However, until the subconscious mind accepts and absorbs new ways of being, we continue to remain at the mercy of life’s endless triggers. Life passes quickly, and will continue to do so whether or not we make adjustments. In the meantime, our stress responses continue to become more hardwired with each passing day. Managing stress requires new beliefs and a willingness to develop greater self-influence. We cannot develop greater self-influence without taking the stubborn robotic mind into consideration.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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