-creating food aversions-

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Level 9

Session 4 creating my food aversion

Session philosophy

This weight loss hypnosis mp3 session (36:25) addresses creating food aversions. Would being able to create an aversion to a certain food support your efforts in creating a healthier body? Aversion should be carefully considered. These messages can create physical discomfort in the body.

This hypnosis session has been included because we receive countless messages daily from big name franchises that work hard to convince us that salty, greasy and sugary stuff is "food." People develop an automatic, second nature response to accepting "food" that creates obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Social programming creates an unhealthy association to foods that do NOT serve your well being. The only winner is the big-name franchise. Advertising serves the financial bottom line of food corporations while having little regard for your long-term health.

We need to consciously and deliberately decide how to react to messaging that has convinced us that salty, greasy and sugary food is acceptable. It is not. Aversion is one more tool for the creation of new subconscious associations.

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