-leaving food on my plate-

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Session 1-leaving food on my plate

Session philosophy

This weight loss hypnosis mp3 session (34:06) explores leaving food on your plate. Do you usually leave food on your plate? Most people eat every little morsel on their plate, whether they are still hungry or not. Think back to your last meal, did you finish it all or did you a little?

There is little doubt that many times you eat without paying much attention to taste, smells and textures and do not receive the sensual benefit of your food. When you do this, you may be surprised to see an empty plate but feel no real satisfaction inside, in spite of hunger being sated.

For many people leaving food on the plate may bring unconscious discomfort and recollections of the admonitions received in childhood. Leaving food on the plate may have meant that others would starve. Leaving food on the plate may have been viewed as disrespect for the cook. While you may view these past messages as irrelevant to the here and now, the reality is that past messaging does impact today’s actions.

When we fully accept that what we do today is a programmed response we can begin to create a better one, on purpose. We can begin to choose the meaning we give to leaving food on our plates. Once we do this consciously, we begin to program it subconsciously.

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