-loving my body-

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Level 9

Session 3-loving my body

Session philosophy

This weigh loss hypnosis mp3 session (31:17) supports you to love your body. How important is it for you to develop a better relationship with your body? Most people are not particularly happy with their body. Most people do not like to see themselves naked and prefer that other people do not either.

It is not unusual for people to create negative habituated thoughts about their body as a whole or simply to dislike parts of the body. These body parts are unloved and often poorly treated or neglected. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors directed to the body create an internal atmosphere that interferes with a healthy nurtured state.

What would it be like to have a genuine love and respect for your body? Many people attempt to make use of positive affirmations as a means of creating a healthier body. However, positive affirmations are often surface level. Loving our body is a sacred and deliberate move which requires communication between our conscious and subconscious parts.

When we begin to truly love and accept our body it becomes much easier to provide the care that it needs to be well. When we move into this place, we become highly committed to offering the fuel and activities that our systems require in order to do their perfect work.

Can you begin to imagine feeling so in love with your body that doing anything to harm it would be out of the question? You might feel that way about a child, partner, friend or pet.

We don’t need our body parts to be perfect to love them. Goodness knows our children, partners, friends and pets aren’t perfect. Yes, they test us and get on our nerves, but usually we do not withhold love.

What happens when we stop judging and start loving? What really begins to happen when we begin to create from a place of love and acceptance? Well, usually it opens doors to possibility, the defenses come down and there is a shift in energy

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