What types of services are offered?
You can access the education & support programs online, by telephone, video conferencing (Skype or Zoom) or, in some cases, by text. All programming includes access to a private 24/7 online educational support program.

How can a program help me?
Standard and customize programs are available for addiction recovery, stress management, anger management, anxiety reduction and confidence building. Program are built on the foundation of the proprietary model.

Each time you access your program the learning becomes deeper. For lasting change, the primitive mind must fully accept and absorb new information. The program is designed to meet the learning needs of the primitive mind. The program offers individuals the opportunity to revisit self-discovery, interventions, tools and strategies for a long as needed.

What do services cost?
The investment varies, depending on the level of support you require:
One hour telephone or video conferencing is priced at $120. This option offers a quick solution focused approach that can be accessed as needed.

If a more intensive program is required two options exist:
1.Standard programs include 2 hours of telephone consultation and an online educational program built on the proprietary model that addresses your particular concern. This is a simple quick way to begin at 997.
2.Customized programs offer longer term interactive support and begin at 2500. The duration of your program can be accelerated or designed to ensure that you have longer term support and access to on-demand intervention. Telephone and text support outside of regular office hours is included in specialized packages.

RSW receipts are provided and accepted by the majority of insurance providers.

When can I start?
Standard programs can usually be accessed within 24-48 hours of a preliminary telephone consultation. A customized program is created after a range of assessments and takes 10 to 14 days. In most cases, several consultation/support calls are provided during this time.

Am I a candidate for this work?
This work appeals to a very specific individual. Candidates for this work believe:
  • commitment builds momentum
  • that collaboration is critical
  • that with new tools and strategies change is possible
  • realistic change requires putting skin in the game

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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