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Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW.


  • Fee $247
  • This affordable program allows you to work through Levels 1-10 at your own pace.
  • RSW receipts are provided for insurance.
  • One hour of telephone consultation is provided upon completion of the program ($150 value)
  • Please call the office for additional details.
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Self-compassion allows us to thrive.

Having self-compassion begins with the awareness that we are suffering.

Having self-compassion means we connect with the desire to move ourselves move out of pain.

When we are compassionate with ourselves, we treat the self with kindness rather then self-recrimination.

We begin to ask the question “how can I protect and care for myself in a manner that ensures a happy and healthy present and future?”

When we are feeling compassion for ourselves, we leave perfectionism behind.

We accept that we are living breathing human beings who have the right to learn and grow.

We accept that we have shortcomings.

We give ourselves permission to move forward, setting healthy new boundaries and expectations for ourselves. 

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