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Please review email 23.

In email 2 I suggested that wanting a better life means that we must become absolutely positively obsessed (A.P.O) with the creation of something better. Anything less then this and we are apt to stay stuck in the same paths of least resistance (cow paths).

  • Becoming A.P.O. is not about forcing the subconscious mind to accept new ways of being.
  • Becoming A.P.O. is not about demanding quick or unrealistic changes.

Rather, it is about understanding that the subconscious mind usually learns best when we feed it incrementally. Becoming A.P.O. is about recognizing that the journey or process of change is just as important as the desired outcome.

The goal must be to support the subconscious mind to willingly absorb new ways of being. If we wish to create new cow paths we cannot forcefully drag the subconscious mind into new territory without the expectation of resistance. Rather, we must patiently influence it to accept new ways of being in an incremental manner.

  • All lasting growth is cumulative.
  • True positive growth is maintained with grace and ease.
  • Creating something better means that we must prepare ourselves to settle in and take a long range, realistic view of the change process.
  • Deliberately and consciously feeding the subconscious mind palatable and plausible bits of information over time will respect the learning needs of the mind.

Too often changes that are made quickly through the force of sheer willpower rarely last.

It takes very little for us to “fall off the wagon” and revert to past programming. Relapsing to old ways of being (thoughts, feelings, and behaviors) is simply an indication that the subconscious mind has not yet fully absorbed updated messaging.  

Along the way we have failed to recognize and respect the subconscious minds need for incremental learning. You can liken this to expecting a small child, who is just learning the alphabet, to be able to read and comprehend the intricacies of a well researched journal article. We logically know that this would be a huge and unrealistic leap. In our displeasure with the GAP we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves.

Yet, as adults, we often expect ourselves to journey from point A to point B without investing the time needed to develop the necessary tools and strategies.

As human beings, we naturally resist change. Creating long term, lasting, positive change often means that we must become suspicious about our desire for quick fixes. Becoming A.P.O. means settling in, being curious, asking questions, experimenting, and finding a way to gracefully accept that if we are to influence the subconscious mind, we must be willing to do so on it’s terms.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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