Edmonton Hypnotherapy CEO Mindset Daily Newsletter-25
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In the last email (see email 24) I again suggested that to become the CEO of our lives we must accept that the subconscious mind learns best through an incremental process. The challenge is that much of our social programming is aimed at quick fixes.

When we demand that the subconscious mind change quickly we are asking ourselves to put a band-aid on what it not working. 

How does external influence impact our striving to claim quick results? From an early age, we learn to compare what is “good” with what is “bad.” We learn to strive for acknowledgement and acceptance. We are set up to believe that the stamp of approval (grades from teachers, privileges from parents, inclusion by peers) is the ultimate affirmation of our existence.

It is this desire to be “good” and to live in accordance with the “rules” that fuels the fear and pain behind the need for quick results.

Unrealistic expectations fuel a headlong dive back into internal chaos. Remember that internal chaos is fuel by the battle between our programming and the wish to express our original potential.

External programming also suggests that to live a full, satisfying life we must think BIG. While there is value in this, the subconscious mind becomes overwhelmed and retreats quickly in the face of implausible expectations.

We make significant and lasting life changes under the following circumstances:

  • We incrementally retrain our ways of being that eventually begin to feel natural and easy
  • We are shocked into new ways of being that lack staying power

Some examples of situations that “shock” us into new ways of being:
-a spouse threatens to leave
-being fired
-a health scare

However, even in the instances mentioned above, many people, after being “shocked” into new ways of being will eventually revert to old paths of least resistance. This reality should convince us that until the subconscious mind has been fully educated that we will be at risk for falling off the wagon.

Again, our desire to quickly create changes circumvents the systematic learning journey required by the stubborn powerful subconscious mind.

I encourage you to continue to review past emails. Each time to do this your understanding of the change process will deepen.  

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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