-managing food cravings-

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Level 9

Session 2-managing my food cravings

Session philosophy

This mp3 hypnosis session explores food cravings. How important is learning to manage cravings when it comes to moving into a healthier body? Some people have very little cravings while others have challenges when they are stressed out or having hormonal surges.

Many people who have created good habits around eating and regular exercise still fight cravings. Although they are making good strides towards moving into a healthier body, they still periodically have to contend with the craving monster.

How we mange a craving becomes a patterned response. Often cravings begin to build at the subconscious level without our awareness, and they take a strong hold. Cravings can almost have a life of their own.

People often feel at the mercy of cravings and attempt to battle cravings with willpower. The outcome of this is often a feeling of deprivation and eventual binging on the very type of food that one was attempting to avoid. It does not matter what the craving is, there is always a trigger or a lead up to a full-blown craving.

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