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My process is simple, it is not an ideological framework but a systematic, science based, proprietary 6 step approach that I have come to call the Cow Path Model of Change™. It is a system that has been designed over time...after learning what works. Clients love the simplicity and the power of the model.

Every service I provide and every program I develop is built on the foundation of the 6-part (or step) proprietary model. It’s a catchy little title but what the heck is the cow path model and what does it have to do with creating change? Below are a range of frequently asked questions. You should take a moment to read them if you are thinking of working with me.

How long does it take to work through the model?

The model can be learned in one day.

Incorporating the model takes as long as you need. We get results as quickly as you are ready to. The concern/s you are addressing and the level of “stuck-ness” on a cow path is a factor, as is your level of commitment. Some clients work through the process in an accelerated fashion, others take more time to apply and cement the concepts. Some clients require more accountability processes then others do. The level of working relationship you want to develop and the amount of my focus and commitment is another factor. 

What is a cow path?

In a nutshell: cows travel back and forth from the barn to the field, over and over again, and create a path of least resistance.The cow path becomes familiar, natural and well worn. These cute critters go from  A  to B without thinking, planning, analyzing, making lists or trying to be creative. The pathway becomes a neurological reality and cellular memory is created.

What does that have to do with us humans?

We humans travel down our own version of cow paths every moment of every single day. We very naturally experience and demonstrate the same automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors over and over again. These are our programmed patterns. These ways of being become hard-wired and have a range of triggers, anchors and associations that often are outside of our awareness. When we try to travel down a new path, we become frustrated and exhausted because our primitive mind fights us. When we try to change course, we go to war with the stubborn, robotic, lazy, literal primitive mind. I refer to this irritating entity as "Bob" in the programs.

What do you mean by “model”?

The “model” is a 6-step or part, process that helps us to create freely chosen, conscious and deliberate new cow paths (paths of least resistance). Ultimately, we want cow paths that serve us. When we take the time to cement these new ways of being life gets easier and "Bob" quits fighting with us.

The model meets the learning needs of "Bob."  Every conversation, every interpretive report, every intervention leads back to a piece of the model. This happens to the extent that a simple mention of a part of the model is usually answered with “oh yes, right, ok, got it."

How did the model come into existence and why was it developed?

My background and training is in social psychology, solution focused counselling, social work, psychometric testing, leadership, clinical hypnotherapy, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming. After years of client work this model has evolved. The model is a practical application that has been evaluated and fine-tuned over the years.

The model is a simplified process for change. This does not mean that the model is a quick fix, rather, it is a solid simple touchstone that provides clarity to the process of change. It is a model that has been extremely helpful for clients who have exhausted more traditional resources in the search for answers to such concerns as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, confidence and addictions.

What is the purpose of the model?

Ultimately the purpose of the model is to re-educate "Bob" and step back into our potential. Difficulties are viewed as reasonable outcomes of predispositions and social programming. Becoming in charge of our automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors takes more than insight, it requires a willingness to learn, experiment and put skin in the game. Moving past old programming and becoming the CEO of our lives, closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be, and protecting and caring for the future self are the main purposes of the model.  

What’s so great about this model?

Once we work through the model clients are impressed by its simplicity. It is easy to execute and can be generalized to most concerns, because ultimately, most life challenges are programmed responses.The outcomes we manifest in our lives are often very different then our intentions. When we begin to take "Bob" into consideration new cow paths become easier.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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