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1. How can a toolbox help me?
Standard and custom toolboxes are available for addiction recovery, stress management, anger management and confidence building. Toolboxes are built on the foundation of the Cow Path Model of Change™ and provide 24/7 support.

Each time you access your toolbox the learning becomes deeper. For lasting change, the primitive mind must fully accept and absorb new information. The toolbox is designed to meet the learning needs of the primitive mind. The toolbox offers individuals the opportunity to revisit self-discovery, interventions, tools and strategies for a long as needed.

2. What does a toolbox cost?
The investment varies.
Starter toolboxes are a simple quick way to begin at 997.
Customized toolboxes offer longer term interactive support and begin at 2500.
RSW receipt provided and honored by the majority of insurance companies.

3. When can I start?
A standard toolbox can usually be accessed within 24 hours of a preliminary telephone consultation. A customized toolbox is created after a range of assessments and may take up to one week.

4. Am I a candidate for this work?
This work is solution focused, based on neuro linguistic conditioning principles, psychometric testing, executive coaching and hypnosis. This work assumes that:
  • challenges are learned way of being
  • challenges are an experience not a true identity
  • that until we become the CEO of our lives we will be at the mercy of past programming and current circumstances (triggers and associations).

This work appeals to a very specific individual. Candidates for this work believe:

  • commitment builds momentum
  • that collaboration is critical
  • that ultimately, with support, they will be the source of change
  • that with new tools and strategies change is possible
  • realistic change requires putting skin in the game

Clients intuitively know that their current circumstances are not aligned with their potential. Living an unsatisfying life is not seen as an expression of their true self. Thus, ideal candidates are keenly interested in personal development and care deeply about protecting and caring for the future self. Clients must be comfortable with accessing a private password protected toolbox page which is available 24/7. Clients must have the ability (or willingness to accept support/tutoring) to complete/review assessments online, download custom recordings, field assignments, access feedback forms and be available for telephone debriefs. For those who are not able to commit to a collaborative process a starter toolbox is a better option.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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