1.       Understand innate personality (nature) as it relates to building communication within a team, via the MBTI Step 2 instrument.

2.       Understand programming (nurture) as it relates to building communication within a team via the proprietary model.

3.       Learn the skills and strategies required to effective communication among team members with different personalities.

This workshop incorporates innate tendencies and programming. This two prong approach addresses both nature and nurture in the quest to develop working relationships among varied personalities. The goal of improving communication is crucial in any group.


The intention is not to leave the workshop with a false hyped-up sense of “I can do anything now!”  but, rather, a growing belief in one’s self and a commitment to make use of the material presented.

A range of activities have been developed over the years that respect different learning styles and needs. Over the course of the weekend you can expect lecture format, with plenty of question/answer time, small group games/activities, group discussion and private reflection work.  

All content relates to:

  • Your 18 page interpretive report (MBTI Step 2)
  • The 6 part proprietary model


We will never out-perform our self-image.

Our entire lives are a reflection of our self-image.

Our self-image is at the heart of every aspect of our life and it can be altered but we must remember that the primitive mind will only respond favorably to restructuring under specific conditions. We need the right information and we need the desire or willingness to do what it takes to make changes.

Social programming is at the heart of many of our difficulties. Many of our challenges are learned. We can begin to reprogram and step into a self-image that serves us. There may be specific areas that are causing you the most concern. For example-your personal or professional experiences (relationships and performance), you’re over all health and well-being (emotional, mental, spiritual), your finances etc. Most concerns have a foundation of "lack of belief in the self." If you have identified yourself as someone who lacks confidence it is important to consider the following:

  • You were not born with a self-image
  • Your self-image was constructed for you 
  • Your self-image is likely not congruent with your potential

It is extremely important for you to understand that your self-image is in many ways an automated programmed response. This simply means that you have ways of being that have become natural or second nature. While innate tendencies play an important role, much of our self-image is learned. The self-image you are carrying is not necessarily congruent with the “original potential” you began this life with. Our abilities, talents and purpose are often shamed into the back seat by early programming and/or circumstances. 

You, like everyone, will have a deeply ingrained idea or belief about who you are and what you are capable of. How we perceive ourselves is important.because our entire life is a reflection of our self-image. 


One day workshop fee for a group of 10 is 3500.

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