• MSc. social psychology
    • Registered Social Worker (BSW, RSW)
    • Master-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP_M)
    • Certified coach
    • Certified in psychometrics 
    • Doctorate clinical hypnotherapy
    • Personality type (ENFJ)
    • Volunteer-Pet Therapy

    Associations/Organizations/Memberships/Certifications-Christopher Leadership Certification-MBTI step 2 certification-Association for Conflict Resolution-Social Psychology Network-Society for Personal and Social Psychology-Toastmasters-The National Federation of Linguistic Programming-Alberta College of Registered Social Workers-American Psychology Association-The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues-American Psychology-Law Society-Centre for Creative Leadership

    A solution focused programming approach asks “what else is possible?” As with all professions, each person brings a range of personal experiences and training into the helping process. The following reflects what I have come to see as basics truths when it comes to creating long term change.

    • The life we are living is consistent with our self image not our potential.
    • The self-image is a habituated response that has been programmed.
    • Until we take control of the factors that influence our self-image, we will never out perform it. 

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