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Interesting fact-65% of new business is referred by past clients.

Comments provided with permission, in some case names and locations have been changed.

“I had a lot of issues to address, with Terri’s help and the model I feel in control of myself and my future. My drinking was out of control and my self-confidence was shot. It seems like a lot of work but really its just about me using the tools and perspectives she teaches. It has been a fabulous experience working with her.” Jean W. Edmonton

“Terri boils in down and made what felt insurmountable manageable.” Frank, D Calgary

“Wish I did this ten years ago.” Steff, N Edmonton           

"My custom toolbox is perfect BUT it was the process that blew my mind. The discussions were life changing for me. Grateful beyond measure for the change in my life. My wife was skeptical but now she’s thinking about starting this.” Scott, M. Calgary

"The path is clear. No more excuses. Every area of my life has improved, thank you Terri Steve, F Edmonton

"This was well worth the investment and better then spending money on another vacation." Dennis H Calgary

“I wish I did this sooner. I still go to a few meetings (AA) but more then anything my toolbox has been a lifesaver.” Sal, M. Lethbridge

“Much more support and help then I expected. You really drilled down and got me moving on a better cow-path. I love my toolkit.” G.K. Calgary

“To be honest I was harassed and came on board with grudges and attitude. Setting my own goals was a good start. Doing it my way, my reasons. You totally got that. Fuck them.” Trish, N Detroit

 “So true that at the end of the day a sober lifestyle and being the “CEO” of my life is a DIY project. Only I can make the changes. I just didn’t have the tools or skills before. I think this is more then about sobriety for me it was a whole mindset shift. You really understood me and I am grateful.” Jean, R Lethbridge

"The whole process from start to finish was a really great experience. My custom online sobriety/recovery toolbox is a godsend." Francis, K Calgary

"This was exactly what I needed and am grateful that my family referred me to Terri. I got everything I needed for my recovery. The information, support and knowledge has been second to none."  Jean, H Red Deer

"I accessed my online sobriety toolbox quite often in the beginning and it kept me on track. I have the tools I need to prevent relapses and on the one occasion that I fell off the wagon, my toolbox got me back on my new “cow path.” Andy, O Brandon

"It was crucial for me in the early stages to have the crisis access and executive coaching features included as part of my sobriety toolbox. Having this customization was perfect. Now I just follow my program online and find staying sober to be easier then I ever thought possible. “Karen, D Edmonton

"I have been the through the range of typical services but never considered this for addictions. Didn’t expect that this would be such a fit. But it was, thank you from the bottom of my heart." James F  Edmonton

“Terri, I feel like I am on the other side now. I feel ten feet tall and bullet proof.“ Lance D Fort McMurray

"You put the pieces back together. I know you say it is me but I say it is you. I am grateful for the recovery toolbox." Kim R Edmonton

"What you did for our family, I don’t know how to even begin to tell you the difference this made to us."

“Exactly what I needed and the toolbox will be a great long term follow up. ” Sam B Edmonton, AB

"It has been a long battle for me, but the customized program helped me get back to a better life."
Jean F Sherwood Park

“You really know your shit, what a pleasure to work with you and I love my toolbox.” Hank H Australia

"Being able to drink again social was my goal. Thank you for supporting my decision." Jake F. Fort St. John

"Clean and sober. These tools should be taught in school." Teresa C  St. Albert

"I have gone from always being livid and drinking when triggered to now being the coolest cucumber in the room:) I just about ruined my life, my relationships and my career.” Bob C  Edmonton

"After losing another job I had to face facts. I can only control me. You brought out the leader in me. I know you believe it because all along you believed even when I couldn’t and would get mad at YOU! I can hardly image a better life then I have right now. You have my utmost respect and gratitude forever" Jack W. Calgary

"What I liked most was the customization. For me this was huge. You really listened and you know your stuff. Its goddam scary to think of where my life was heading."  Jim, Timmons

"My kids are finally getting the dad they deserve." Ken T Edmonton

"This has seriously impacted my marriage greatly. Terri thank you for the work you do." Tom M Fort Sask


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