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10-Day Confidence Building Challenge


Your day. One to one. Your goal.

I occasionally hear from people who say:

  •  “I want to move forward but I don’t the financial resources to work through a 3 or 6 month program.”
  • "I can't commit time to a weekly program."
  •    “I am ready for change now.”

While I love working longer term with people, this isn't always a fit. But, I do love the energy and passion that comes with a focused one day session. There is nothing like working intimately with someone and supporting the emergence of potential. Some systems and tools can best be offered one to one, through a custom curriculum. 

Who is this for?

If you have a specific problem that you are trying to fix you may be a candidate. If the challenges you are having are getting in the way of creating a life you love then chances are a shift in beliefs and self-image is needed. You must be ready to truly "get at it" as this is a laser focused day.

How a V.I.P. day works

1.       The day is designed for you. We begin with an intake form. This allows me to be certain that I can help you. I need to understand your goal and what is important to you.

2.       An intake call is set up. When we speak you will be given several assessments and assignments to complete before your VIP day.

3.       I use our intake call and the assessments you have completed to design a curriculum for you.

4.       On our VIP day we commit to two (2) two hour phone/skype calls and one (1) one and a half hour call. During this time you will receive the tools you need to reach your goal.

5. In order to help you stay accountable you will be able to access a private password protected page that includes everything we have done together. This includes all assessments and interventions. 

Request a V.I.P. day by getting in touch.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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