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There is currently a two-month waitlist for custom programming (design and completion of private intervention toolboxes).

However, you may choose to begin more quickly with an online program. Currently, this option is allowing people to jump in, work through the proprietary change model and come to private work feeling prepared.  

The theme of this work is becoming the confident "CEO of your life” and this is relevant to both your personal and professional life. My process is simple, it is not an ideological framework but a systematic, science based, proprietary 6 step approach that has been developed over time...after learning what works. The model is relevant for anyone wishing to alter mindsets and behaviors that have become hard-wired. 

  • Online program fees are levied to a customized program when your name reaches the top of the waitlist.
  • Alternatively, you may discover that an online program (and the included 2 hours follow up consultation) meets your needs or budget. In this case, your name will be removed from the customized programming waitlist.

To discuss please begin by scheduling a preliminary one-hour consultation.

p.s. Get to know a little about my style by listening to a few audio posts.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW 

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