The first step is to work through the beginner model independently. If the model “speaks” to you and you would like or need additional help or support, there are service/program options available to you. Clients love the simplicity and the power of the model. Over the years it has been developed, used, and refined to support clients who wish to address a range of issues. The beginner model available on the site is educational in nature, and not intended to address diagnosed mental health concerns.                                                                              

The model has been used in private individual and group sessions to help people:

  • address thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around specific presenting concerns 
  • redefine their self-concept 

These people:

  • are “stuck” but interested in self-discovery & personal development
  • enjoy engaging their imagination in a positive and productive manner
  • do not have a diagnosed mental illness
  • sometimes use the model as an adjunct to other professional services or community support groups
  • are interested in influencing their primitive robotic mind ("Bob")
  • are keen on creating a better future for themselves


a. New perspective

When we feel “stuck” the model gives us a fresh new perspective. At any point in time, we can “see” ourselves in the model, ask questions and adjust. The model acts as a touch point.

b. No shame

While “old” cow paths represent ways of being that do not serve us, the model suggests that these unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors should be seen as realistic outcomes of innate predispositions and programming.

c. Self-accountability

If what has been programmed does not serve us, we are responsible for creating and cementing changes. We can educate the primitive robot mind ("Bob") and create new more empowering cow paths. However, taking charge of our automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors takes more than insight. It requires a willingness to learn and experiment.  Thinking, thinking and more thinking doesn't cut it. We need to put skin in the game, and no one can do that for us.

d. A little bit of fun

Many of our life challenges are programmed responses. The outcomes we manifest are often not in alignment with our potential or goals. But, when we begin to take "Bob" (the primitive internal robot) into consideration, we can have a little fun with the process.  You know how he digs in his heels when you introduce a new cow path. We need to seduce, nudge, train, cajole, and work to meet “Bob’s" learning needs.

e. Understand others better

Everyone you know has a "Bob." As you begin to understand and work with your primitive internal robot, you will begin to look at other people in a new way. This can leverage your communications in win-win ways.


  • The beginner’s Cow Path Model of Change™ can be listened to in less then two (2) hours.
  • This independent process is educational and does not address any one specific concern/problem/issue.
  • However, depending on who you are, and your experience with personal development, you may have moments of “ah-ha!” and be nudged towards new thoughts, feelings, and actions, on your own. 


Again, the first step is to complete the model independently. You will determine whether you will use it to address a specific concern/problem/issue. However, realize (without self-judgment) sometimes we need fresh ideas and encouragement.  

Working alone means that the personal nuances, tasks, and strategies will be missing. Not everyone can independently develop clear goals and measurements. In fact, not everyone can clarify what their new cow path will even look and feel like. Why? Because the focus has been stalled at the front of the filing cabinet (you will learn about this in the beginner model download.) 

Some clients move through the supported process in an accelerated fashion. Others take more time to apply and cement the concepts. Some clients require more accountability processes than others do. The level of working relationship you want to develop and your price point for services also play a role. 

Every service, custom program, interpretive report, and intervention leads back to the model. 

Incorporating the model takes as long as you need. We get results as quickly as you are ready to. The concern/s you are addressing and the level of “stuck-ness” on a cow path is a factor, as is your level of commitment and willingness to experiment.


P.S. Have you listened to the AUDIO POST-Can You Be Your Own Fly On The Wall? Perceptual Positions. 6:42mins