Who am I?

My business is supporting positive lasting personal change (see client experiences for a sampling).

I am not your wife, girlfriend, lover, friend, co-worker, employee, mother or next-door neighbor. Chances are that these people will not, or cannot, offer you a non biased, candid assessment of your change efforts. These important people, being tied to you, cannot provide the fresh perspective or strategic accountability you may actually need to reach your goals. Truly, we cannot expect our family and friends to be unpaid expert coaches or consultants. This is a slippery slope especially when specific problems or concerns have become chronic.

I care deeply about my clients and I am in the enviable position, with 25 years of experience in the field, of being able to push hard, challenge people and say it like it is. Since I do not play any of the roles listed above, I am not concerned about upsetting the apple cart. I am more concerned about your progress.

If we are to reach our potential, and create a satisfying life, I think we all need to be challenged in a supportive but direct way. I have needed a few caring, hard nudges in my time, well, maybe even a few swift kicks in the ass. The theme of this work is becoming the "CEO of your life” and this is relevant to both your personal and professional life. My process is simple, it is not an ideological framework but a systematic, science based, proprietary 6 step approach that has been developed over time...after learning what works.

I work with people who have concerns around confidence, anxiety, depression, addictions and anger. Most of my clients are professional or trades people, who for the most part, are functioning well, but looking for an edge. My clients receive full assessments, program planning and delivery. Delivery often includes on the spot telephone and/or text support because sometimes 9 to 5 support doesn't cut it when we are serious about cementing real change.

Your success is my success. I do business with people who are ready to be pushed and challenged, with a little TLC. I work with people who are ready to invest. Yes, this means time and money. My style, training, education and experience is well worth the cost of yet another vacation…if you are ready. Work begins with a paid consultation.

Over the years, I have found that paid consultations help to ensure that my time and energy is spent with serious candidates. I prefer to work with people who are genuinely ready to jump in and make a significant change. These calls are educational in nature and receipts can most often be submitted to insurance.

If you are ready, feel free to connect with me.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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