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10-Day Confidence Building Challenge


  • MSc. Social psychology
  • Registered Social Worker (BSW, RSW)
  • Master-Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP_M)
  • Certified coach
  • Certified in psychometrics 
  • Doctorate clinical hypnotherapy
  • Personality type (ENFJ)
  • Volunteer-Pet Therapy
  • Improv graduate

Associations/Organizations/Memberships/Certifications-Christopher Leadership Certification-MBTI step 2 certification-Association for Conflict Resolution-Social Psychology Network-Society for Personal and Social Psychology-Toastmasters-The National Federation of Linguistic Programming-Alberta College of Registered Social Workers-American Psychology Association-The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues-American Psychology-Law Society-Centre for Creative Leadership .

A solution focused programming approach asks “what else is possible?” As with all professions, each person brings a range of personal experiences and training into the helping process. The following reflects what I have come to see as basics truths when it comes to creating long term change.

  • The life we are living is consistent with our self image not our potential.
  • The self-image is a habituated response that has been programmed.
  • Until we take control of the factors that influence our self-image, we will never out perform it. 

My business is supporting positive lasting personal change. Truly, we cannot expect our family and friends to be unpaid expert coaches or consultants. This is a slippery slope especially when specific problems or concerns have become chronic.

I care deeply about my clients. I am concerned about your progress. If we are to reach our potential, and create a satisfying life, I think we all need to be lovingly challenged in a supportive empathic way. The theme of this work is becoming the "CEO of your life” and this is relevant to both your personal and professional life.

My process is simple, it is not an ideological framework but a systematic, science based, proprietary 6 step approach that I have come to call the Cow Path Model of Change™. It is a system that has been designed over time...after learning what works.

I work with people who have concerns around confidence, anxiety, depression, addictions, and anger. Most of my clients are professional or trades people, who for the most part, are functioning well, but looking for an edge. My clients receive full assessments, program planning and delivery. Delivery often includes on the spot telephone and/or text support because sometimes 9 to 5 support doesn't cut it when we are serious about cementing real change.

Your success is my success. 

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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