I am glad you are here. Please take some time to explore the site, participate as per your comfort level and become acquainted with some components of the proprietary Cow Path Model of Changeâ„¢.

Through self-discovery, understanding how to influence the primitive robotic mind, and becoming an amateur social scientist, we can develop a more confident self.  

It takes patience, perseverance, and an openness to new ideas, but we can all begin to increase our confidence. 

Growing a stronger belief in ourselves is the foundation for creating a better life. We are born to learn, grow and expand. Ultimately, we all want a sense of personal mastery. And time will pass anyway, so making good use of it makes sense.  

I often refer to taking charge of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as becoming the CEO of our lives. Really, who else should be the chief executive officer of our well-being?

We never outperform our identity, so how we see ourselves is crucial. Do we see ourselves as capable individuals who can master life challenges? Or do we see ourselves as individuals incapable of creating a satisfying life?

We are all influenced by social programming and have learned to see ourselves through the eyes of others. There is a dynamic interplay between our natural tendencies/abilities and programming. Often, this results in accepting a self-identity not congruent with our potential. 

During periods of vulnerability, the mind accepts realities that are not in line with our capacity to create a satisfying life. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (ways of being) develop a neurological reality over time (path of least resistance). These ways of being become hard-wired, are easily triggered, and have numerous associations and anchors. I refer to ways of being as our "cow paths."

However, when we understand how the mind operates, we can incrementally cease being at the mercy of past events or current circumstances. We can begin closing the GAP between where we are now and where we want to be. We can deliberately choose to develop and experiment with new ways of being.  

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