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In a nutshell my work relies heavily on tenants of social psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and solution focused coaching.

Whether our current concern is stress, anger, weight, confidence or addictions it's important to understand that we are each born with unique, innate tendencies (original potential). Throughout life we are exposed to negative external environments or circumstances (social programming). There is a dynamic interplay between these two forces which creates a chaotic state of vulnerability.

During these periods of vulnerability, the mind accepts “realities” that are not congruent with our capacity to create a satisfying life. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors (ways of being) develop a neurological reality over time (path of least resistance). These ways of being become hard-wired, are easily triggered, and have a multitude of associations and anchors.   

However, when we begin to understand how the mind operates and make a decision to become the CEO of our lives, we can incrementally cease being at the mercy of past events or current circumstances. We can begin closing the GAP between where we are and where we want to be in life. Becoming the CEO of our lives means that we consciously, deliberately choose to develop new programs. We do that through a willingness to become a solution focused amateur social scientist.

The thrust of this work is to support the programming of new healthy, freely chosen paths of least resistance. While present concerns demand our attention, the goal is to protect and care for the future self.

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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