Confidence-building with the Cow Path Model of Change™ is a funny title, I know but as you move though the site, I think the choice of a model name will make sense to you. My process is simple, it is a systematic, easily applied, proprietary 6-step approach that I have come to call the Cow Path Model of Change™. 

The model pictures change practically.

The proprietary model is a touch point that rests on what I consider the best principles and practices of neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, solution-focused counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, and coaching. It is a system that has been designed over time after learning what works for a specific type of individual.

When we begin to choose new programming rather than succumb to past circumstances and/or current situations we become the confident CEO of our lives.

Creating satisfying lives requires us to close the GAP between where we are now and where we want to be. This means deliberately and consciously choosing to pave a new path of least resistance (cow path).

The “model” is a 6-step or part, process that helps us to create freely chosen, conscious, and deliberate new cow paths (paths of least resistance). Ultimately, we want cow paths that serve us. When we take the time to cement these new ways of being life gets easier and "Bob" quits resisting.


"Bob" is the primitive internal robot (aka subconscious) and the better we understand him, the easier it is to meet his learning needs. Everybody has a "Bob." When you move through the beginner's program you will name your primitive internal robot. For simplicity, he/she is referred to as "Bob" throughout the site.

Ultimately the purpose of the confidence-building Cow Path Model of Change™ is to re-educate "Bob" so that a strong belief in the self can be realized, which ultimately allows us to reclaim our potential. Difficulties are viewed as reasonable outcomes of predispositions and social programming. Becoming in charge of our automatic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors takes more than insight. It requires a willingness to learn, experiment and put skin in the game.

Moving past old programming and becoming the confident CEO of our lives, closing the gap between where we are and where we want to be, and protecting and caring for the future self are key in this model. 

Through self-discovery, understanding how to influence the primitive robotic mind, and becoming an amateur social scientist, we can develop a confident CEO self-concept , which ultimately is the driving quest behind most personal development goals. We, most of us, want to feel that we are in charge of our lives. Growing a stronger belief in ourselves is the foundation for creating a better life. My belief is that we are born to learn, grow and expand, and ultimately to have a sense of personal mastery.


My background and training are in social psychology, solution-focused counselling, social work, psychometric testing, leadership, clinical hypnotherapy, coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming. After years of client work, this model evolved. The model is a practical application that has been evaluated and fine-tuned over the years.

The model is a simplified process for change. This does not mean that the model is a quick fix, rather, it is a solid simple touchstone that provides clarity to the process of change. It is a model that has been extremely helpful for clients who have made use of more traditional resources in the search for answers to such concerns as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, confidence, and addictions.


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