Scroll down and view the six (6) images that represent the six (6) parts of the model. Change can feel overwhelming and sometimes a little scary. But when we begin to picture the process of change practically, the process can feel more manageable.

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Scroll down to review the images.

Part 1/6 Original Potential


Part 2/6 Internal robot


Part 3/6 Old cow path


Part 4/6 New cow path

new cow path tinified

Part 5/6 Filing cabinet

filing cabinet tinified

Part 6/6 Future self

future self tinified

When you request access to the complimentary beginners' model  you will be directed to a password-protected page. You can begin to access to all parts of the model, including six (6) audio files and six (6) pdf reflective writing exercises. I will also send you a weekly email for six (6) weeks. My intention is to support you to reflect on the model and provide information about the advanced model options.