Access the complimentary Self-Discovery Confidence Building Workbook immediately. The concepts are relevant whether your concern is anxiety, depression, addictions, anger or weight issues. A lack of self-confidence and belief in the self are significant factors in all life challenges. You will also receive occasional blog, program and workshop updates.
Terri Lee Cooper Msc. RSW


Customized private programs are available for the following concerns-1. confidence building 2. addiction recovery. Support for other presenting concerns such as anxiety reduction, weight issues and anger management are offered via online programs only.

An initial screening is required to ensure that candidates are prepared to actively participate in an intensive process. 250 RSW receipt for insurance is provided.

The assessment phase of customized programming may involve any of the following: self-discovery assessment instrument/s, step wise interview processes and psychometric testing. A thorough assessment ensures that change efforts hit their mark. 

The work phase is designed to support the primitive to accept change and absorb a new healthier identity (thoughts, feelings and behaviors.) Services include private one to one telephone calls/skype, recordings, field assignments, crisis access, written assignments and accountability processes that can be accessed 24/7 via a private custom toolbox. Follow up varies depending on program option chosen.

Fees: 3 month program-5000  6 month program-7500

Terri Lee Cooper MSc. RSW

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