Confidence-Building Community Workbook
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1) Original potential-is the unique, innate tendencies, preferences, talents, and capacities we are all born with. Genetics plays an important role in our development but programming also weighs in quite heavily. Original potential remains within, in spite of social programming that has not served us.

2) Cow paths-are paths of least resistance, automatic conditioned ways of being absorbed by the primitive robotic mind. Cow paths are seen in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Cow paths require no conscious thought or planning.  We all have old cow paths that do not serve us.  Creating new cow paths becomes easier when we understand how the primitive robotic mind operates and learn how to influence it. 

3) CEO self-concept-becoming CEO of your life ultimately refers to being in charge of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and choosing new beliefs aligned with your goals and original potential. Becoming the confident CEO of our lives means that we deliberately choose to develop new programs versus being at the mercy of old programming.    

4) GAP refers to the space between where you are now and where you would prefer to be in the future.    

5) A.P.O.-refers to becoming absolutely positively obsessed with the creation of something better for yourself. Becoming A.P.O. requires awareness, curiosity, planning, and experimenting.  

6) FILING CABINET-refers to our mind files, references, memories, triggers and associations. The primitive robotic mind accesses this cabinet automatically. This is not always in our best interest.

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